Catastrophic bifurcation or capitalist Earth-formatting

The analysis of trends in the development of human societies shows that in the last four decades the speed of the increase in the strategic factors of human societies has entered a new phase. The complex system represented by human life has undergone what in scientific terms is defined as a catastrophic bifurcation, a rupture of the previous scheme that represented a substantial model of internal evolution of the system.
The speed of transformation of human societies has assumed such a dimension as to be itself a factor of transformation and selection of processes. The acceleration of which it is difficult to take note has assumed the characteristics of a real exponential surge. This acceleration, activated by the digital revolution, proposes to the human societies unpublished questions that are difficult to be traced back to the contradictions of the previous century whose features of continuity seem to be more apparent than substantial. The same forms of accumulation of economic resources have assumed dimensions unthinkable within the eight-twentieth-century schemes and the compositions of capital, technical and organic, take on unexpected forms and trends, but no less harsh.
The real catastrophic bifurcation to which our civilization is subjected redescribes the forms that are necessary to maintain a relationship between the sphere of research and that of society as a whole. The issue that is given to us by the impetuous development of knowledge (in addition to the direct capacity of production that increasingly assumes) is therefore the distance between the scientific achievements reached in the various fields and the socially distributed knowledge within societies. While knowledge, for over a century, has broken walls that are called relativity, quantum mechanics, chaos theory and complexity, bio and nano technologies, socio-political implications are struggling to become socially shared factors. The relationship between knowledge and power in substantial terms changes. The same choices available, which potentially become more numerous precisely because of the accumulation of available knowledge and their combinatorial capacity, remain addressed outside the social and political capacities of address precisely by virtue of the distance between the available and socially available knowledge. widespread.

But it is the very structure of science that changes in relation to the digital paradigm. The state of simulation processes is the same scientific method for shapes that always move away from the forms of the traditional Galilean method. The epistemological paradigm turns towards the model of techno-science, a new form of “enriched reductivism” that satisfies the objectives of research dedicated more and more to the immediate mercantilistic repercussions. The same economic and autonomous system, its approach to the social and environmental repercussions that derive from it, a form of research, techno-science, which also changes the same forms of the scientific paradigm. I describe the process under way as that of a real construction of an alternative vital environment in all external processes and processes. What we are witnessing is a process of “capitalist earth-formatting” of the entire planet.


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